Bike meetings, early 90’s

Then I slowly became a teenager. In he beginning of the 90’s, after the Wall had fallen and people were hyperventilating with the air of freedom, some enthusiasts arranged a bike meeting in the nearest town. You know, the law before 1989 was quite strict about meeting in genreal, and especially about informal meeting without connection to the communist structures. You could meet about organizing 1st of May-festivities, although it would be best if you did that as a memeber or a supporter of the communist party, and not as a private person (and as a private person in most cases you just wouldn’t want to do it). But citizen initiave was not encouraged by the authorities, so it was difficult to do this kind of gatherings openly.

But then, suddenly, the wind had changed and it was all allowed and good. So people started to engange and use their freedom. Actually, the guy who started the bike meeting-thing was a neighbour of my brother, and my brother, an electrician, despite the fact that he didn’t own a bike, was helping him with the practicalities around the meeting for several years. So there was I, 10 years old, attending my first bike meeting. I can’t remeber it very detailed, but i belive there weren’t many participants, some worn soviet bikes, some japanese classics and choppers, maybe a handfull of Harleys.  But then there it was again – and still is today – anything you could use was taken care of, so there were many nice home-made bikes, patchworks of parts from retired cars, bikes and even tractors. In a way it was more fun to wach than today’s chome-and-flake-paint 1900cc monsters. I mean any given wednesday there are more Harley Davidsons in the main street in Oslo than I saw at all of the meetings in Poland through 10 years combined… Funny thing, I was browsing though the pictures from one of the first meetings (or maybe it was not the early…) from the meetings and I found a picture of a Honda CBX1000, a pretty rare bike, with probably the nicest looking motor unit ever produced. Of course, I didn’t know that then, so I really don’t know why I even took a picture of it. Funny how things work sometimes.


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