The story

A have a story to tell You. It’s not a story of me, I’m not the main character, although I usualy stand some place near the center of it, watching it closely with a pair of curious eyes. But sometimes not even close. This is a story of a revolution happening while a boy was growing up. Or maybe a story of a boy growing up while a revolution was happening. Or maybe about that every boy’s growing up is a revolution.

I’m not sure anyone will listen to my story, but that’s what great with the whole internet-thing – you can just let it all out and let the people decide. Enjoy!

About me:

I work with IT, allthough my primary education is in philology. I have a passion for languages and computers. Sadly enough I never got the chance to combine those two perfectly, as I always wanted. But it looks like computers talk to me and I understand them, maybe that’s an extension om my language skills. So I work as IT consultant and interpreter.

I ride motorbike. Motorbike is my other passion. Since I was a little boy in rural countryside in Poland, I always wanted to ride one. It didn’t come to realisation until I was 33-or-so years old though. A car has always been out of the question for me, and I still don’t have a drivers licence for cars, even if I now know that I will have to get one soon anyway.

I play viking. No, seriously, I go around in old-fashioned clothes and swing swords and spears and axes… Go on and see for your self in my gallery…